Jackson Wang Drops New Remix of Rich Brian Song “California”

“Time to eat, fellow fans! Master chef, Jackson Wang, has prepared a good meal for us.”

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2:01 AM HKT, Sat July 17, 2021 1 mins read

Jackson Wang has dropped his new remix of “California,” which was originally performed by 88rising artists NIKI, Rich Brian, and Warren Hue. The track was previously released as a teaser for the label’s upcoming compilation album Head in the Clouds 3. With its aesthetic shots and irresistible beat, the new music video has already garnered over 300,000 views.

Who is Jackson Wang?

Wang is widely considered to be one of the biggest popstars in Asia. Having been a part of the popular South Korean boy group, Got7, he established his career early on. Wang later made his way back to China, starting a solo musical career and becoming a regular feature on popular Chinese variety shows. He has also left his mark in fashion, serving as both creative director and lead designer for his personal fashion brand Team Wang.

He’s able to speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Shanghainese, English, and Korean due to his multicultural background, scoring him a diverse fan base. It’s also helped him build influence all over the globe.


Not surprisingly, many of Wang’s fans express their excitement for this new release under his post on microblogging site Weibo. One of the most upvoted comments writes, “I’m already listening to it!”

Another user writes, “Time to eat, fellow fans! Master chef, Jackson Wang, has prepared a good meal for us.”

Comments on Wang’s Post. Image via Weibo

Similarly, NIKI, one of the featured singers on the original track, also posted about the song on her own Weibo account, sparking passionate responses as well.

“I love u!!!!!!!!!!!” a comment reads.

Another user writes, “ohhhhh California!!”

Comments on NIKI’s Weibo post. Image via Weibo

This multicultural collaboration between artists signifies an interesting, gradual shift within the music industry. Whereas past artists typically targeted a limited ethnic audience, Wang, NIKI, Rich Brian, and Warren Hue are continuing to transcend tradition and paving a new way.

Cover photo via Weibo

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