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Chinese Netizens Roast Higher Brothers’ KnowKnow for Tacky Wedding

KnowKnow from Higher Brothers and Feezy from Straight Fire Gang both tied the knot during China’s recent National Day holiday. Their respective ceremonies attracted very different feedback from netizens...

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10:15 AM HKT, Wed October 19, 2022 1 mins read

While many in China spent the week-long National Day holiday road-tripping, enjoying the outdoors, or simply resting at home, two high-profile rappers gathered with friends and family to tie the knot: KnowKnow from Higher Brothers and Feezy Luo from Straight Fire Gang.

On October 10, the former announced his marriage to model and influencer Paris Gong on his official Weibo account. The caption attached to the post reads, “Starting from today, I am a grown-up, but my wife can still be a little princess.”

Just two days before, on October 8, Shanghainese rapper Feezy also tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend, Kara.

higher brothers knowknow marriage

The four members of Higher Brothers at KnowKnow’s wedding

Many on Weibo have been quick to compare the two wedding ceremonies, which boasted somewhat different atmospheres, with many sharing scathing comments about KnowKnow’s tacky taste.

“Feezy’s wedding made me want to get married, but then I saw KnowKnow’s ceremony, and I changed my mind,” reads one comment.

“From the two weddings, you can really tell the difference between old money and new money,” wrote another user.

Viewed by many as being held in poor taste, KnowKnow’s wedding featured champagne showers, trap music, and a rowdy crowd of fellow rappers. The rapper even chose Lil Baby’s mumble rap track ‘We Paid’ — an ode to success and wealth instead of romantic love — as the soundtrack for his official wedding video.

Some netizens pointed out how the bride’s wedding dress and veil embroidered with the line, ‘Mrs. Enjoy Da Money,’ resembles the one Virgil Abloh designed for American model Hailey Bieber for her wedding.

higher brothers knowknow

Paris Gong’s (left) and Hailey Bieber’s (right) respective wedding dresses

Known for making music with Higher Brothers, China’s most prominent rap group, and for his remarkable solo career, KnowKnow unsurprisingly invited his crew members Masiwei, Psy.P, and Melo to his big day. The star-studded, blinged-up ceremony sparked chatter on Chinese social media, and a Weibo hashtag related to the wedding had amassed more than 97 million views at the time of writing.

In contrast, Feezy opted for a rather low-key ceremony in Shanghai. The selective guest list included the names of family members, the rapper’s fellow group members Chuckzigga and XZT, as well as other Chinese hip hop stars, such as Ingrita (also known as Yu Zhen).

feezy striaght fire gang rap china

Newlyweds Feezy Luo and Kara at their wedding in Shanghai

News of Feezy’s wedding has also made its rounds on social media, and fans have complimented the couple’s stylish wedding attire, including the bride’s two dresses featuring vintage silhouettes.

Fans melted over the fact that Feezy’s eyes teared up while he was reading his vows, and some have sketched fan art inspired by the newlyweds.

feezy marriage

Fan art of Feezy and Kara tying the knot

Born and raised in Shanghai, Feezy rose to fame in 2021 after appearing on Bilibili’s reality TV show Rap of Youth. While many rappers come from humble backgrounds, the artist boasts a degree from the prestigious University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and switches comfortably between English and Chinese when penning lyrics.

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