Did Ex-EXO Pop Star Luhan Just Get Married?

Netizens speculate once again on the ex-EXO star's relationship

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10:53 AM HKT, Thu July 2, 2020

Another day, another Luhan scandal.

When he’s not out destroying Chinese sci-fi or producing bangers with ex-bandmate Kris Wu, the former K-pop and current “little fresh meat” star is busy breaking hearts with rumors about him and his actress girlfriend Guan Xiaotong.

The pair were first confirmed to be dating in October 2017 when Luhan introduced her in a Weibo post that literally shut down the popular Chinese social media platform. Now, the word is they’ve tied the knot.


This week, a new rumor circulating on Weibo claims that the pair might have registered to be married in secret over the weekend. Some news outlets are also reporting that the “groom” bought an 80 million RMB (11 million USD) apartment as part of his wedding plans.

Luhan Married rumors screenshot Radii China

From Weibo account 小颖劈叉兔

Rather than believe the rumor, however, it seems that most fans are choosing to 吃瓜 (chi gua, “eat melon”) on this one, a slang term for internet users who watch from the sidelines rather than engage with a particular story. The reason? We’ve been here before. Several times.

According to one gossip-fatigued Weibo user, “This couple gets married every day.”

Considering how frequently these rumors fly, with the pop star himself occasionally stepping in to dispel them, it’s safe to say that Luhan probably didn’t get married last weekend. When he does, the Luhan stans — and hopefully Weibo’s servers — will be ready.

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