Check Out this Insane Chizza Ad in Which K-pop Star Luhan Claims to be the New Colonel Sanders

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9:04 PM HKT, Wed August 30, 2017

This one’s a spinoff from our Kris Wu selling shit photo series, which has unexpectedly yielded many rich avenues for journalistic exploration. We might just as easily cover the parallel and related “Luhan selling shit” beat — Luhan being a fellow ex-member of K-pop band EXO and a super-regular in Chinese advertising circa 2017.

Which brings us to this specimen: an ad for KFC’s China-exclusive fried chicken pizza, Chizza.

It’s a pretty bold exercise in culture jamming. Our beloved Colonel Sanders returns to his office only to find that his role has been usurped by the 27-year-old Luhan, who proudly proclaims himself “KFC’s new colonel.”

“Wh.. wh… why?” The classic colonel stammers.

“BECAUSE I’VE INVENTED CHIZZA,” Luhan cooly replies.


P.S. Shoutout to the visual director of whatever ad firm pitched this (“So it’s like a 19th century explorer’s office, but also lightsabers.”)


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