Mobike’s New Shared Car is Here and Oh Boy the Future is Now

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11:30 PM HKT, Fri April 20, 2018

We love dockless bike share, don’t get us wrong. We’ve been covering the takeover since day one and we’ll continue to do so. But for you upperclass aristocrat types, whose dainty legs just aren’t made for pedaling, we have good news: Mobike’s new shared car is here, also sans docking station.

The purely electric car is called DEV1, developed by one-year-old Guizhou car company SITECH. There’s a commercial version and a Mobike version, but it seems like the only major difference is the radical color choice. Users will be able to access the car from the Mobike app. In a departure from the quality reputation of shared bicycles, this thing is actually looking pretty luxurious. 7-inch LCD panel, 10-inch floating LCD touchscreen, AI voice recognition, hella nice all-leather interior. What else is there?

Hella nice.

The car can communicate with charging stations nearby to see if there’s open space to recharge. In fast charge mode, you can get 200 minutes of driving on a 40 minute charge. That means that each hundred kilometers of travel in the DEV1 will cost you 5RMB in charge-up money. That’s less than a dollar.

Shared cars, coming soon to a street near you (maybe, depending on where you live). We’ll take it for a spin and let you know.

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