Photo of the Day: Cosplayers of China Joy

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1:50 AM HKT, Tue August 7, 2018

Our Photo of the Day series this week shares photos from the annual China Joy festival.

We’ll kick start our week off with some fresh photos of cosplayers from this year’s ChinaJoy event.

What is ChinaJoy you ask? Only Asia’s “biggest annual gaming event showcasing digital interactive entertainment” which includes gaming, animations, toys, and much more.

The exhibition kicked off last Friday at the Shanghai International Expo Center, running for four days and spanning 15 huge exhibition halls with over 170,000 square meters (that’s roughly 28 soccer fields) of exhibition space.

With around 1,000 vendors showcasing 4,000 exhibits, the event reportedly attracted over 500,000 visitors over the weekend, which included gamers, animation and comic enthusiast, and professional involved in related industries. The crowds also featured numerous cosplayers.

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