Photo of the Day: Guangdong Museum

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6:00 PM HKT, Tue May 15, 2018

Friday 18th May is World Museum Day, a celebration of knowledge-serving institutions that’s been in the calendar since 1977. Museums across China often go big for the day, offering free or discounted entry and holding special events. Our photo theme this week is Masterful Museums — dedicated to showcasing some of the country’s most visually stunning museums.

We’re not sure how much Tetris Rocco Yim and the team at Rocco Design Architects were playing when they pitched their idea for the Guangdong Museum, but we love the result all the same.

This new building (the original museum dated back to 1959) was opened in 2010 and as imposing as it looks by day, it becomes positively decepticon by night, as this image from the museum’s official website shows:

The museum’s collection includes over 160,000 artefacts includes rare ceramics, wood carvings, and bronzes.

Cover photo: そらみみ on Wikipedia

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