Photo of the day: McD’s German Sausage Double Beef Burger

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9:58 PM HKT, Sun January 28, 2018

Ditch the dollar menu and grab your renminbi. Our photo theme this week is China Menu: outside-the-box fast food options you won’t get at your local spot.

We’ll close the week’s theme out with this leaning tower of heartclog, the German Sausage Double Beef Burger, or as Google Translate likes to call it, the “Not prime of the bar double beef Fort.”

Despite being roundly pilloried in English-language media upon its release some five years ago, this little bastard (we mean that both literally and lovingly) has managed to stick around. The German Sausage Double Beef Burger, ostensibly spun off from McDonald’s Germany’s Nuremburger, first popped up as a specialty one-off, something McDonald’s China is well known for. Here’s their specialty selection right now, just for reference (going hard with Chinese New Year/Monster Hunt 2 promo atm):

After making its initial splash, this porcine beast reappeared at semi-random intervals in the calendar year, much like McDonald’s’s other non-breakfast pork sandwich of note: The McRib. But it is now a permanent fixture on McD’s menus across the land, perhaps as part of a much larger hog arbitrage strategy of which we can only grasp the edges.

It tastes pretty good.

Cover image: Serious Eats

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