Photos: Jack Ma Blessed 50+ Marriages on Thursday

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12:23 AM HKT, Sun May 13, 2018

You know that magical day, when 102 people get married together in a massive group ceremony and receive a lifetime blessing from the CEO of Alibaba?

No? Well that’s Aliday in Hangzhou, with hundreds of friends and family members attending the ceremony.

Aliday has its origins in early Alibaba lore. In 2003, a 14-year-old Alibaba faced a crisis when an employee was suspected to have contracted the SARS virus, forcing several hundred co-workers into quarantine. It could’ve been a big blow for the fledgling business, but Alibaba employees volunteered to take their work home. When a customer called Alibaba, employees’ families stepped in to help man the phone lines. Aliday was declared as a way to commemorate the event, and celebrate the importance of family.

It’s kind of a jump, but that idea lives on today in the form of this mass marriage ceremony. Who wouldn’t want Jack Ma in his best crimson robe blessing their special day? Check out some photos from the event.

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