Quarantine Special: This Five-Liter Barrel of Bubble Tea

Boba tea stores in China are providing customers with massive, family-sized jugs of boba milk tea

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9:00 PM HKT, Tue March 17, 2020

With people boarded up at home, some boba (or “bubble”) tea brands in China have launched limited edition, family-sized portions of their most popular milk teas. One such barrel, from Japanese milk tea maker Nayuki, holds a whopping five liters.

The monster-sized drink comes with ten cups and two cans of bubbles.

Bubble tea fans are taking to Weibo, one of China’s largest social media platforms, to comment. “This looks really hard to hold,” writes one. “I haven’t had milk tea in so long!” laments another.

For the past six weeks, many food and drink options were off the menu for much of China, which was subject to a nationwide lockdown. As a result, restaurants, grocers, and even bars have had to adapt and offer food and drinks delivered to people’s doorsteps.


A recipe for success. And perhaps diabetes.

Cover photo: Weibo

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