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RADII Teams Up With TechNode For Fresh Perspectives on China Tech

We’re confident this partnership will expand the horizons of both publications’ followers, and we’re amped to invite you along for what’s sure to be an insightful and exciting ride

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Matthew Bossons
11:00 PM HKT, Mon June 20, 2022 1 mins read

If there is one thing the RADII team loves, it’s a hot collab -- Snoop Dog with Higher Brothers, Adidas with digital influencer RUBY9100M, which is why we are so excited to be partnering with Shanghai-based online publication TechNode.

Founded by Dr. Lu Gang in the early 2010s, TechNode is one of the leading tech media in China, providing news and in-depth coverage of China’s tech and startup community in English and Chinese. TechNode specializes in giving readers an authentic view of the fast-moving landscape of China’s tech sector by focusing on the country’s tech majors, mobility industry, e-commerce, consumer electronics, games, and social media platforms.

For us at RADII, this partnership makes sense on multiple levels. Much like TechNode, we aspire to highlight China’s incredible technological innovations and its rapidly evolving digital lifestyle to a curious global audience.

Both sides also strive to build bridges between China and people worldwide: TechNode by supporting and bridging the tech and startup ecosystem between China and the rest of the world, and RADII by sharing engaging stories that cut through preconceived notions and strengthen cross-cultural understanding. From where we’re standing, this alignment of goals is more important than ever in an increasingly polarized global political environment.

In the near term, RADII followers can expect a regular flow of TechNode’s hottest and most insightful tech industry coverage gracing RADII’s platforms. TechNode readers will also be treated to a selection of RADII’s content sitting at the intersection of tech and society, art, and entertainment.

We hope to expand this collaboration as we advance to also include joint events, video content, and collaboratively researched and written articles created by members of both publications’ outstanding editorial teams.

We’re confident this partnership will help expand the horizons of global followers of both publications, and we’re amped to invite you along for what’s sure to be an exciting ride.

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