Virtual Influencer Drops Dope Sneaker Collab with Adidas

RUBY 9100M is back at it, this time dropping a hot sneaker collab and her first-ever single

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Matthew Bossons
5:25 PM HKT, Fri September 24, 2021 1 mins read

Hot off the release of RUBY 9100M’s collab non-fungible tokens (NFT), the virtual influencer is set to drop a pair of futuristic white kicks with adidas Consortium — the OZRAH RUBY 9100M.

RUBY 9100M is an imagined transhuman who straddles the line of technological precision and human delicateness and is the brainchild of Hong Kong-based digital artist Ruby Chan Ka Yu.

In its product description, adidas Consortium states that RUBY 9100M is “an undeniable influence on the art world,” and that “she uses the butterfly symbol to remind and inspire us that transformation is always possible, and who we are at our core is always essential.”


OZRAH RUBY 9100M. Image via

The shoe’s mesh and leather components are predominantly white with blue accents along the midsole foam layer. The upper side profile boasts three metallic stripes, while the tongue is adorned with a bright pink ‘eye’ and is held in place by baby-blue laces.

The OZRAH RUBY 9100M sneakers have a removable butterfly-shaped hangtag sporting the digital transhuman’s logo.

Sneaker News hails the kicks as “one of adidas’ most interesting propositions yet,” and notes that the shoes are “a 50/50 partnership between the brand themselves and ‘transhuman’ creator RUBY 9100M.”


OZRAH RUBY 9100M. Image via

The sneakers go on sale on September 24 for 165USD and are being released alongside RUBY 9100M’s first-ever digital single, titled “Screaming.” The track’s electronic and hip hop-influenced beat carries pop vocals that recount “the story of a girl trapped in a half-robot, half-flesh physical form.”

Like any good promotional tool, the music video prominently features the RUBY-adidas collab kick.

Cover image via Club Media

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