UFC Fighter Song Yadong Robbed at Gunpoint in Bay Area

Violent crimes are on the rise in California, especially those targeting Asian citizens — and UFC fighter Song Yadong is the latest victim

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2:49 PM HKT, Tue August 8, 2023 1 mins read

UFC fighter Song Yadong was robbed at gunpoint at a gas station in Vallejo, California, in a style of violent crime that’s regrettably becoming more and more common in the “lawless” Bay Area.

Song’s friend Nan Lin was buying a bottle of water, when four masked men emerged from separate cars, striking him with a pistol. They took his phone, wallet, and car keys, before entering his car to find a sleeping Song Yadong.

When Song woke up to find a gun pointed at his head, he gave up his belongings to the robbers, later saying that he knew better than to fight back.

“This is a real gun, you know?” Song told NBC, managing to keep a smiling and level-headed disposition in spite of the events. “If he moves his finger, you’re done. No chance to be world champion.”

Strangely, the worker at the gas station refused to contact the police. By the time the police were involved, the gas station had already deleted the security footage.

On social media, numerous comments question that decision, speculating that the employee obstructed justice, or worse, played a role in the robbery.

The attack comes as part of a rising wave of crime in California’s Bay Area, where violent robberies, especially those targeting Asian citizens, are regrettably becoming more common.

Song Yadong is currently the ninth ranked bantamweight fighter in the UFC, and is one of the most exciting fighters to emerge from China into MMA’s biggest international arena. He was one of the subjects of RADII’s documentary Way of the Warrior, which explores the present and future of Chinese MMA.

Cover image via Way of the Warrior

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