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Summer 2022 Is the Season for K-Pop Reunions: Blackpink, Twice, Etc

Start saving those pennies: K-pop girl groups such as Blackpink, Twice, Girls’ Generation, and Ive are all releasing new music this August

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2:49 PM HKT, Mon July 25, 2022 1 mins read

It’s been almost two years since K-pop girl group Blackpink released their last album — simply titled The Album — in October 2020. Although Blackpink’s Lisa, Rose, and Jennie have respectively launched their own hugely successful singles, fans have been clamoring for the girl group to reunite and make music together again.

Such pleas have not gone unheard. Earlier this month, the South Korean girl group announced that they would be making an official comeback and conducting a world tour. The group’s four members will also continue to work on their solo projects.

To say that K-pop fans in China are ecstatic about the quartet’s return would be putting it lightly:

“I’ve saved all my money for your comeback!” gushed a loyal fan.

“Please release a new song as soon as possible, as I want to buy a new album! I love you, Lisa!” enthused another.

But the good news doesn’t end here.

Besides Blackpink, a whole slew of K-pop girl groups including Twice, Girls’ Generation, and Ive will be releasing new music next month.

On Weibo, a hashtag related to the news has hit over one million views.

“I’m so looking forward to this! I want to watch them perform live,” reads a comment on the platform.

“Are K-pop girl groups going crazy this summer? Good to see them back, but we K-pop fans will probably have no extra penny left,” joked a netizen.

Here are some specifics:

Nine-member girl group Twice has confirmed the release of its 11th mini-album titled Between 1&2 on August 26. The group’s previous album, Formula of Love: O+T=, which was released in November 2021, remains its best-selling album to date. But will this year’s album steal the spotlight?

As for Ive, the six-member girl group will be releasing their third group album just four months after their last; Love Dive was an immense hit, and entered the list of top 10 highest first-week sales by K-pop girl groups in the history of Hanteo, a South Korean music chart system.

Last but not least, Girls’ Generation, the longest-lasting group of the four, will finally be dropping a new album to celebrate their 15th anniversary. The eight-member group, which was founded in 2007, released its last studio album, Holiday Night, five whole years ago in August 2017.

While an official release date has yet to be confirmed, rumor has it that the album will drop on August 8.

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