Hong Kong-based Artist Szabotage Goes From Street Art to Stenciled NFTs

Unlike the graffiti that Szabotage is known for, his new NFT artworks are customizable and hold individual meaning for each collector

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4:09 PM HKT, Mon July 11, 2022 1 mins read

Art enthusiasts, take note: Renowned Hong Kong-based street artist Gustav Szabo (aka Szabotage) is releasing a new NFT series titled ‘Stencil Tongue’ on Quidd, a marketplace for original digital collectibles and NFTs, on July 27. 

As its title implies, ‘Stencil Tongue’ will showcase Szabotage’s iconic aesthetic — think stencil-inspired shapes with bright colors and pop culture references (samples below).



An invitation to create your own narrative, the artworks have different stencils that can be arranged to form unique combinations. As such, the same art might hold personal meaning for each collector.

Szabotage is a prolific contemporary urban artist and designer who grew up in the U.K. before relocating to Hong Kong. He became the first street art artist in Hong Kong to offer NFTs when he dropped his work on OpenSea in November 2020.

The artist, who has enjoyed an extensive career, has held countless sold-out exhibitions and worked with luxury brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton. He is also synonymous with the street art scene in Hong Kong, where he often leaves his mark in the form of a koi fish, a symbol of strength, adversity, and good fortune.

As a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based gaming giant Animoca Brands, Quidd has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands like Disney, HBO, and Funko. 

Arguably one of Asia’s biggest NFT hubs, Hong Kong is home to countless galleries and shopping malls with a penchant for digital and NFT art, creating opportunities for artists active both on and off the blockchain.

All images via Animoca Brands

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