This Asian American Female Superhero Comic Wants to be the Marvel of Kung Fu

"The Adept" is an impressive start for big-dreaming Immortal Studios

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5:05 PM HKT, Tue June 30, 2020 1 mins read

The Adept is a stunning and heartfelt ode to kung fu lore.

Starring Amy, a young Chinese-American who runs away from an abusive home, it promises Shaolin mythology, classic comic book action, and a modern setting with real-world themes. On a Kickstarter for The Adept, a 14-page preview chapter gives us a look at the superhuman powers of martial arts that Amy obtains after training with a mysterious master in her dreams.


The title is the first project from Immortal Studios, and the beginning of an interconnected content universe built around wuxia, the genre of kung fu heroics that inspired films like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Artist Yishan Li breathes life into characters and writing by Tasha Huo and Charles Stickney, in an original story from Immortal Studios Founder Peter Shiao.

From the first peek, The Adept looks very exciting – the preview chapter manages to squeeze in evil conspiracies, sisterhood, and plenty of not-for-kids kung fu ass-kicking.

One thing that stands out about The Adept is the attention to detail when it comes to Chinese martial arts. Not surprising, as the production enlists the help of Gene Ching, 32nd generation layman disciple of the Shaolin Temple, and the publisher behind the niche (but fondly remembered) Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine. Generic physical combat is swapped out for authentic Shaolin techniques, giving the comic the feel of a kung fu movie, and honestly putting the Iron Fist to shame.


Maybe most exciting is the idea that the series will blossom out into a full-on Marvel-style interconnected universe of stories from Immortal Studios. But for now, consider backing the project on Kickstarter.

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