Netizens Call to Cancel Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe After Racist “Joke”

"Not funny, this is racist," one commenter writes

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12:45 AM HKT, Sat May 15, 2021 1 mins read

Another day, another racist. Chinese netizens are enraged about American comedian and writer Tony Hinchcliffe’s openly racist comment made towards Chinese comic Peng Dang after the latter introduced him on stage. Here’s what he said:


Hinchcliffe took the stage after Dang nicely introduced him at Big Laugh Comedy in Austin, Texas on May 6. He proceeded to call Dang a “filthy fucking little ch**k,” while also making offensive comments about Chinese people before he was eventually kicked out of the club by security guards.

The racist remarks have gone viral online and caused widespread anger after a short video of the performance leaked online. The fact that it happened during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month makes the remarks even harder to swallow.

Dang and another Chinese comedy blogger Modelwtx then took to social media to fight back by posting a video of the comments on Twitter and Chinese microblogging site Weibo, calling on netizens to boycott Hinchcliffe, who is famous for writing for the Comedy Central Roast series and for his appearances on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

The hashtag #CancelTonyHinchcliffe has received millions of views and posts on Weibo and Twitter.

Meanwhile on Weibo, Chinese netizens have been weighing in. The hastag #CancelTonyHinchcliffe# has been viewed over 5.5 million times on the site.

“He has no professional ethics at all to belittle a person who does warm-up for him, let alone to use racial discrimination,” says one commenter. “I hope he won’t blame others when his mother is ashamed because after all it’s just comedy,” one commenter jokes.

The trend of anti-Asian hatred has been escalating over the past year with about 3,800 racially motivated attacks against Asian Americans reported in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Communities of Asians and allies are banding together to campaign for racial equality and an end to anti-Asian violence, however. The Yellow Whistle Campaign is one such project, which uses the color yellow, which has been weaponized against Asians as the color of xenophobia for years, and the whistle as a symbol of self-protection and solidarity.


Cover image: screengrab via YouTube

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