Tony Yu, Star of “Youth With You,” in Trouble Over Dual Citizenship Claims

The young star of "Youth With You 3” is in hot water after footage emerged of him claiming to be Canadian

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7:07 PM HKT, Tue May 4, 2021 1 mins read

One of the stars of Youth With You 3, one of the biggest music variety shows in China, Tony Yu, is coming under fire for previously claiming to be Canadian on Korean variety show, Produce X 101.

Video footage of Yu on the Korean TV show shows him saying, “I am from Canada, but both my parents are from China.”

Netizens are wondering aloud on social media how that can be, particularly after Yu said on the TV show that he is Chinese. The contention over nationality is a sore topic in China especially, where dual citizenship is illegal.

When he was being introduced at the beginning of Youth With You 3, Yu said he was, “the only Chinese to enter the finals [of the Korean show], representing the Chinese on the final stage of an overseas program.”

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Thus far, the hashtag #余景天双重国籍# which translates to “Yu Jingtian’s Double Nationality,” has been viewed 400 million times on microblogging site Weibo.

Many are calling for Yu’s withdrawal from the TV show. It follows a tough week for the wannabe pop star. The 18-year-old trainee, who some have compared to idol Cai Xukun, has also been criticized online after netizens found out that his parents ran a KTV in Sichuan province that was reportedly involved in sexual services and drug dealing.

Yu’s parents came out to the deny the allegations, with his father filing legal proceedings against netizens who started the rumors.

In a fan meeting on May 1, Yu appeared to be in tears as he spoke to the audience, saying, “When I encounter difficulties, I look to the back and discover that I still have you guys.”

The final of iQIYI’s Youth With You 3 will take place this Saturday, May 8.

Update: Well, the final was due to take place this weekend. Now that appears in some doubt after authorities intervened to suspend production of the show. More details here:

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