Wang Yibo Gets Sultry with “Suzhou River” Star in New Short Film

Wang and Zhou play a bartender and singer who interact with an undeniable sense of romantic chemistry

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10:59 PM HKT, Fri December 4, 2020 1 mins read

Wang Yibo is just about everywhere at the moment.

The actor, whose fame soared after the release of Chinese drama The Untamed, wowed fans with his appearance on Street Dance of China as a judge this year. He’s also been touted as a possible host for the next CCTV Spring Festival Gala, as well as judge on upcoming Tencent variety show SuperX, alongside the likes of Cai Xukun.

Most recently he’s starred in a short film for Vogue alongside Zhou Xun — star of Chinese cult drama Suzhou River, as well as the second season of music variety show The Big Band.

Wang stars as a young bartender opposite to Zhou’s bar singer, and they share some moments onscreen weighed down by romantic intrigue. Zhou also shows off her musical chops with a performance of “Night Lavender” (夜来香), a track released in 1944 and re-popularized by iconic Taiwan singer Teresa Teng.

Naturally, Wang Yibo stans have raved about his performance in the short film. “I need a full 2hrs movie!! This is NOT enough!!” reads a comment on YouTube. “Great acting!!! Yibo did a amazing job and She [Zhou Xun] is a goddess!!”


Appearing with Zhou and Wang are fellow Big Band participants Mandarin, who play on stage at the start of the video. The pop music group, fronted by producer and singer Chace, came to prominence earlier this year after their standout performances on the reality TV show’s second season.

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