Watch: Snapline Release Graphic Music Video for New Single “Fall”

Not recommended for squeamish viewers

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3 years ago 1 mins read

Beijing deconstructed rock trio Snapline emerged from several years of radio silence with the November release of Shou Hua, their third official studio album and one of RADII’s 2018 favorites. The band marked the release of the album with a stark, dreary music video for the nearly nine-minute album closer “TheAnswer#3,” which was directed by longtime band collaborator Geek Shoot Jack and is viewable here:

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While the rest of us were in that gauzy self-inflicted pre-New Year haze, Snapline quietly dropped a second MV for the new album, for the comparatively shorter and sharper mid-album track “Fall.” The video, even more graphic than the first outing, was directed by Li Kaiwen and stars another RADII favorite — musician/video/performance artist Gao Jiafeng — as a masked deviant falling somewhere between H.G. Wells and Alan Moore on the spectrum of eerie brutality.

Not recommended for squeamish viewers. If you’re ok with the sight of blood, however, watch Snapline’s “Fall” here:

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