Idol Xiao Zhan Sues Hater for Mean Comments, Wins 200,000 RMB

The confused hater says he feels "lucky to be the chosen one."

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4:15 PM HKT, Fri June 18, 2021 1 mins read

The Untamed star Xiao Zhan is no stranger to controversy, having endured challenges from both fans and haters alike. Now though, it seems the star means business — a Beijing court has sided with Xiao Zhan in a lawsuit, ordering an “anti-fan” surnamed Song to pay 200,000 RMB for defamation of character.

Xiao Zhan was hurled into notoriety by his own fans, who mass-reported a piece of saucy fiction, ultimately shuttering the beloved online community AO3 and raising nationwide concern around overenthusiastic idol fandoms.



With any great fandom comes anti-fans — but it’s rare for an idol to engage with them at all. This ruling from the Beijing Internet Court comes amidst a wider government crackdown on overzealous fans.

The defendant Mr. Song formally objected, but the verdict was upheld by the court, potentially laying a precedent for future lawsuits of idols against haters. While the exact statements have not been released and his account was shuttered, Mr. Song must not have minced words.

On Weibo, China’s fourth-largest actor was lauded for protecting his rights. The hashtag “Xiao Zhan Sues Anti-Fan” was viewed over 380 million times, with the comments largely in support of the star.


“Good for him standing up for his rights! It’s so difficult for him, being an actor,” one netizen commented.

“Everyone on the internet should have some decency. Don’t spread rumors and insult others,” wrote another. “Don’t ruin your own future. Once you have a record, you will know how much influence you have.”

Song, meanwhile, was reportedly baffled but honored by all the attention, writing on Weibo, “Why was I the one to be sued? Maybe it’s because I went all out with my insults. I feel lucky to be the chosen one.”


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