#Naomi Wu

Naomi Wu is a Shenzhen-based DIY maker and internet personality known for her wearable cyberpunk-inspired creations and hyper-feminine, often revealing attire. Wu’s voluptuous appearance and self-objectification aim to challenge gender stereotypes and encourage more women to pursue careers in male-dominated STEM fields. Also known as SexyCyborg and RealSexyCyborg on YouTube and Twitter, where she has amassed 1.61 million and 227,000 followers, respectively, Wu’s outsized personality and online presence have been met with some challenges. In 2018, she was featured in a profile by Vice News in which Wu claims the publication included personal information in the story that they had promised to omit for her safety. Wu has also faced repeated scrutiny and skepticism about her qualifications due to her appearance and gender throughout her career as a public figure. Still, she remains one of South China’s most recognizable English-language internet personalities.

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