Bboy Shigekix Beats out Hong10 at Hangzhou Asian Games, Earns Olympic Spot

The young Japanese champ narrowly cinched a victory over the Korean legend

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8:03 PM HKT, Mon October 9, 2023 1 mins read

Bboy Shigekix earned himself a gold medal at the 2023 Asian Games in Hangzhou, narrowly edging out scene legend Hong10 in the finals to secure an Olympic spot in Paris next year.

“I’m just happy about the championship, winning a gold medal,” Shigekix said. “Mentally, physically it was not easy but I managed to channel what I could into a good performance here.”

“I thought I was in the right state of mind for the final. Breaking’s not only about technique but also an art form. You feel the energy flow from within and I think that came out to the fullest in the final.”

Hong10, competing in spite of a recent injury, pulled out some tight and dynamic rounds, earning props from judges and the audience.

“Thanks everybody who believes in me,” he wrote on Instagram. “And sorry to my body for those pains. One more step till Paris.”

Chinese breakers held it down on home turf — Lithe-ing won bronze, and rising 17-year-old star 671 fought off Japan’s Ami to secure the B-Girl gold, as well as an Olympic placement of her own.

“It’s always an exciting time when Shigekix and Hong10 face off,” breaking analyst Jason Pu tells RADII. “They’re world-class breakers from different generations, but have a good deal of similarity in their styles. Compared to their encounter at the 2023 Asian Breaking Championships earlier this year, Shigekix performed with more composure and took his time to edge out the win.”

“Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Hong10 on the world stage,” he added. “The same goes for Lithe-ing, who has been on an absolute tear this year.”

Athletes at the Asian Games put on a strong performance for their respective National Olympic Committees, who hold the exclusive authority to select each country’s Olympic representatives at Paris 2024. However, it’s uncertain whether breaking will continue as an Olympic event in 2028.

Cover images via Instagram (@bboyshigekix)

For more about the rise of China’s breaking scene, check out the RADII Voices documentary about Shanghai pioneer Bboy Danny.

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