Daily Street Dance Videos Bring 11-Year-Old Chinese Boy Global Fame

Duan Yuzhe, aka BBoy Larry, has gained fans around the world for his dedication to breakdancing

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For over five years, BBoy Larry (段玉哲 Duan Yuzhe), an 11-year-old kid from Jinzhou, Liaoning province, has been captivating audiences worldwide with his extraordinary dedication to street dance. His journey began on Douyin, where he started documenting his daily street dancing practice. With each video, he showcases his agile spins and intricate footwork, supported by remarkable wrist and core strength.

However, what really made Larry’s online fame skyrocket was a poignant video in which his dance moves are less successful than usual. In a 15-second clip posted on December 18, 2023, Larry cries has he practices, having stumbled off screen. His hand then twists as he falls out of frame. Douyin viewers were touched by his weeping face, and found the sight of a breakdancer who at first glance appears to match the stereotype of a studious and quiet Chinese kid to be a breath of fresh air.

Memes made by fans appear in the comments of every one of Larry's Douyin videos, image via Douyin

Larry’s fans have also turned his dancing clips into memes, here comparing him to a fish. Image via Douyin.

Larry’s family dynamics have also piqued the curiosity of his followers. After he rearranged his practice room at home, his mother found a spot by the door to watch him dance. On one occasion, Larry accidentally collided with the closet door, causing a loud crash. His mother was taken aback and briefly got upset. Similar incidents have occurred a number of times. When Larry accidentally bumps into his mom, she often shouts at him, asking him why he can’t be more careful.

Larry has also gained attention beyond Chinese internet, sometimes leading to cultural misunderstandings over Chinese parenting styles (to others, the mere presence of his mother in his videos shows her support). In early 2022, he expanded his online presence by launching his own Instagram account, where he shares behind-the-scenes moments and showcases his evolving skills. Unlike the sometimes critical atmosphere on Douyin, Larry’s Instagram followers from around the globe have embraced him with overwhelming positivity and support.

As Larry continues to hone his craft and share his passion for street dance, his impact grows beyond borders, inspiring young dancers and enthusiasts worldwide. He also has started to join in local street dance competitions, bringing his stereotype-challenging dance moves offline.

Banner Image via Instagram.

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