“Beyond Pork” Could Be a Silver Bullet for China’s Meat Eaters

Beyond Pork was taste-tested in the mainland

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1:41 PM HKT, Sat November 21, 2020 1 mins read

US plant-based meat producer Beyond Meat has launched a vegan minced pork product designed specifically for (and debuting exclusively in) China.

Vegetarians are rare in China, but Beyond Pork a big bet; China is the world’s largest pork market, consuming twice as much annually as the entire EU.

The Californian company unveiled its meatless minced “pork” on Wednesday, after undergoing trials and taste testing in the mainland to ensure that the product would succeed with local palettes.


Image Source: Beyond Meat

In example dishes which range from dumplings and spring rolls to ramen and spaghetti bolognaise, Beyond Pork promises to “deliver the sumptuous taste, juicy texture and culinary versatility similar to traditional pork.” The product is primarily made up of ingredients like rice and soybeans, and offers high protein values at 18.5g per 100g serving.


“We’re excited to launch Beyond Pork in China, marking a milestone for Beyond Meat,” said Candy Chan, Beyond Meat’s general manager in China. “[This is our] first plant-based meat product created specifically for the Chinese market.” She added that the imitation meat’s “exclusive debut in China furthers Beyond Meat’s commitment to this important market.”

Beyond Meat ventured into the Chinese market not too long ago, making its China debut in collaboration with Starbucks. This summer, it also had limited runs at fast-food chains like KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut.

China also faces a need for a sustainable alternative to pork, amidst fears of pork scarcity — African Swine fever struck heavily in China last year, depleting pork reserves by 40%. Beyond Meat’s entry into the market could provide a much-needed reprieve.


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