Bohan Phoenix Teams Up With Beats by Dre for Animated Feature

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11:55 PM HKT, Wed November 22, 2017

Bohan Phoenix is at it again, this time as a cartoon.

The bilingual rapper teamed up with Beats by Dre for a quick animated explainer on where he gets his spice. He touches on his mission, his Asia tour, and the people who came with him. Shout out to the animated DJ Toy, who put down some of her own post-tour thoughts here:

Honestly, cartoon Bohan is pretty entertaining. Is it overkill to say we could use an animated series? Not sure. But we could use an animated series.

DJ Toy says this handshake is “peak litness”

Just look at this screen cap of China and the US dapping each other up in mutual respect. If that doesn’t spice up your heart, we don’t know what will. Love love, Bohan.

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