Listen to Our Playlist of Chinese Punk Music for Turbulent Times

The world is chaotic and messy, and as such there's never been a better time to dip into some excellent Chinese punk music

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4:54 AM HKT, Thu June 18, 2020

Chinese punk goes in many different directions. While the site of origin for true punk music in China is still up for debate within Wuhan and Beijing camps, it’s no secret that the genre has proven to be inspirational for much of China’s alternative music output.


The world at the moment is an angry, chaotic place. With Covid-19 restrictions, Black Lives Matter protests and an ever-changing global political situation, it is perhaps a good time to dive into some angry protest music.

Crossing generations and geographical locations, our punk playlist kicks off with Wuhan OGs SMZB’s track “Ten Years Rebellion,” followed by fellow Wuhan-born band Subs.


Other notable inclusions on our list are newer acts based out of Beijing, which remains a powerhouse of punk in China, with bands such as 小王, Curry3000, Jajatao and Wasted Laika.

Got a track you’d like to see added to this playlist? Leave a comment below.

Cover image courtesy of Live China Music

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