“Crazy Rich Asians” is Getting a China Release After All

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5:53 AM HKT, Tue October 16, 2018

Well, this is a surprise. We’d pretty much resigned ourselves to Crazy Rich Asians not making it onto Chinese cinema screens, but the Hollywood Reporter says it will now be released nationwide on November 30.

Hollywood hits making it to Mainland China weeks after they’ve been unveiled in the US is nothing new, but Crazy Rich Asians‘ release was still unexpected, thanks to the Jon M. Chu-helmed movie’s “celebration of decadence” (something you may have noticed China is not so big on right now) and a scene featuring a map that doesn’t adhere to Chinese nationalists’ views of which territories belong to the country.

There have also been suspicions that the Warner Bros-backed film, which has been praised for smashing Hollywood’s preconceptions over how much an Asian cast can make a big splash at the box office, would not have quite the same resonance in China.

But here we are. Crazy Rich Asians will be screening in Mainland China from November 30. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how it goes down.


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