Twitter Bits: “Venom” and “Predator” Get Chinese-Netified

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4:10 AM HKT, Thu October 11, 2018 2 mins read

Shoutout to Christine Xueting Ni for always keeping her eye on the most relevant crossovers between the fantastical beings of Chinese and Western pop culture. Today’s edition: fearsome film creatures remade in the Chinese sphere. Exhibit 1: Venom as World’s Best Boyfriend:

“Shopping has become a beautiful thing ever since I met you” (translation by Christine Xueting Ni, via Twitter)

While this seems like a fun bit of fan art, one observer notes that these images originated on the Weibo microblogging account of Sony Pictures, the production company behind the new Tom Hardy-helmed Marvel flick. Clever use of the Chinese internet’s tendency to localize fandom culture, as we’ve seen before in work by the likes of Beijing design studio Spin Destiny:

But wait — that’s not the only sentient film alien that’s made a splash on the Chinese internet in recent weeks. Christine also brings our attention to these stunning alternate posters for The Predator reboot, which landed a China release date earlier this month and will screen in films across the country as of October 26 (over a month after its international release). This is right in her wheelhouse, so we’ll let her break down each reference:

Pretty rad!

Elsewhere in the Marvel/China-crossoververse: Stan Lee linked up with Chinese pop star G.E.M. during his eponymous Shanghai comic-con earlier this month and, uh, decided to base a Marvel character on her? Via China Film Insider:

At the recent Stan Lee Comic Con in Shanghai, POW! Entertainment unveiled a new female superhero based on Chinese singer-songwriter Gloria Tang Tsz-kei, who is widely known by her stage name G.E.M. The tentative name for the character is Jewel, although the studio gives fans the final say on the name. According to the studio’s statement, Stan Lee met G.E.M. during his last visit to China. Her powerful singing has the type of energy that Stan Lee wants his superhero to have, which led the decision to create a character based on the singer. It hasn’t been decided what kinds of superpower this character will have.

And here, via G.E.M.’s Weibo, is how the character will look:

G.E.M. Jewel Stan Lee

The last Chinese actress with a prominent role in a Marvel plot is currently having some problems, so let’s hope Jewel’s superpowers include scrupulous attention to the intricacies of tax law.

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