Episode 1 of MMA Documentary ‘Way of the Warrior’ Online Now!

The first installment of ‘Way of the Warrior’ follows the journey of up-and-coming fighter Shi Ming and explores the success of her idol — China’s first UFC world champion

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Matthew Bossons
3:25 AM HKT, Thu April 14, 2022 1 mins read

Filmed across eight months, two countries, and a handful of American states and Chinese provinces, RADII STUDIOS’ new two-part documentary Way of the Warrior was screened for an audience for the first time today during the film’s online global premiere.

It was a big moment for our team: The finished product is the culmination of months of hard work and domestic and international travel, all undertaken in the shadow of a global pandemic that tossed a considerable dose of uncertainty into the entire production.

And while our team was able to overcome the Covid-related disruptions to complete the documentary, we were forced to scuttle our planned premiere at a swanky venue on Shanghai’s iconic and historic Bund due to the city’s ongoing Omicron outbreak.

RADII is lucky, however, to have some amazingly adaptable staff. We quickly adjusted our plans to fit an online livestream format, and the global premiere went off without a hitch this morning at 11 AM local time in Shanghai. The event included a brief opening, a screening of parts one and two of Way of the Warrior, and a 30-minute behind-the-scenes panel discussion.

Way of the Warrior was helmed by Executive Producer Brian A. Wong and Director Billy Starman, both of whom set out with a mission to highlight some of the incredible and inspirational stories behind the growing trend that is Chinese MMA. From 27-year-old Shi Ming (石铭), a female MMA fighter with a background in traditional Chinese medicine, to rising talents Song Yadong (宋亚东) and the ‘Tibetan Knight’ Qiu Lun (求伦), the documentary offers viewers an inside look at the Chinese personalities making an impact in the world of MMA.

Following the premiere this morning, Episode 1 of Way of the Warrior is officially online and ready for you to enjoy. The first installment follows the journey of up-and-coming fighter Shi and explores the success of her idol — China’s first UFC world champion.

Watch Way of the Warrior Episode 1 now:

While Episode 2 was screened during today’s online event, it will not officially drop on radiichina.com and RADII’s official YouTube channel until April 27. So, check back then for the documentary’s finale, which profiles Song Yadong’s move to America to train with UFC legend Urijah Faber and the evolving journey of Tibetan fighter Qiu Lun.

In the meantime, though, if you missed the doc’s premiere, why not check out our behind-the-scenes panel discussion, which features candid exchanges about the film and MMA in China. Panel participants include fighters Shi and Qiu Lun, UFC Senior Vice President Kevin Chang, and filmmakers Wong and Starman.

Hungry to discover more human stories from China’s MMA scene? Then take a look at our ongoing Way of the Warrior series.

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