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Dec 16, 2020 1 mins read

Introducing, a new mobile experience from RADII. is a faster, more intuitive way to keep up with the fastest moving country in the world.

Why Did We Create

Since we first began in 2017, RADII has been dedicated to sharing stories from China that make a difference. Like most countries, it has its own list of challenges, but there is so much more going on than just stereotypes about copycatting, pollution, and Orwellian thought control.

Unsurprisingly, the most populated country in the world is also filled with individuals that are doing innovative, world-changing things. We felt there was too little understanding of their stories, and wanted to let the world know about them.

We especially wanted to let young people know about them.

The younger generation — specifically millennials and Gen-Z — are more globalized and issues-focused than any generation before. They recognize the fluidity of systems and the need for cross-border cooperation to tackle everything from creative projects to climate change. We’re not just the ones saying so — it’s been proven over and over again, in study after study.

We wanted young people outside of China to know that many here share that outlook. They care about the environment and equality. They experiment with music and art and literature and fashion. They think outside the box.

You just needed an easier way to discover all of that. mobile site

And that’s what is. A connection point that lets you dive deep into a topic you care about and find out what’s going on with it in China.

So What’s Different?

Take the plunge into our Editions — accessible, unbiased deep dives into the topics you care about. Each Edition is designed to prime you on an essential topic or issue that affects young people today, regardless of how much you think you know about China. Plus, see what the next generation of Chinese thinkers and creators are currently doing to make their mark. editions articles website

Check out our Short Reads, bite sized news and trends that offer you insight into what’s on the minds of the next generation in China. With a quick flick, zoom in on our image galleries — a more stunning way to get the full picture at your fingertips.

Readers can sign up and make it all personal with a custom Dashboard: save articles, images, and topics, and curate your interests to stay on top of the stories you want.

Have a burning question about something you’ve read? Like and comment within the articles, or send a question to the authors directly.

Plus, learn how you can get involved. Take action by tuning into monthly chats with leading creatives and experts around the world, or by showing your support on important issues globally — and make your voice heard.

Visit now to join our global community — and the conversation.

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