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Matthew Bossons
5:12 PM HKT, Fri July 29, 2022 1 mins read

RADII is excited to announce the official drop of our new online platform,! Designed and constructed by our team over the past year, is an interactive and functionally rich website optimized for both desktop and mobile that will allow our followers to engage with RADII content like never before.

From the get-go, our goal was to create a website in line with our readership’s content-consumption habits, creating an online space that is easy to navigate, loaded with insightful content, and entertaining in its presentation.

Our team is happy to report that checks all these boxes and will serve as a solid foundation to develop our online and offline communities. It will also serve as a powerful tool in our mission to captivate the world through stories that transcend boundaries.

“Our goal is to provide a more fluid, dynamic, and highly visual content experience to all of our users,” says Mishi Giber, RADII’s product developer. “The core component of the new user experience is a feed with infinite scroll enabling our users to explore and dive deeper into our content. To achieve this, we had to develop everything from scratch using modern web technologies and host our site on leading-edge infrastructure.”

In addition to our infinite-scroll feature, which serves up a constant stream of RADII’s newest and most popular video, audio, photo, and written content, the new platform offers RADII followers the ability to create a personalized account.

Joining the RADII community comes with a myriad of awesome benefits, including the ability to like and comment on articles, follow topics and authors, and bookmark content to read later. In the not-so-distant future, subscribers will also have special access to exclusive content and exciting RADII events.

“Audiences are changing the way they prefer to consume written and multimedia content. Therefore, RADII felt it necessary to give our readers the experience they deserve by bringing them a more dynamic interface that allows interaction with the content in easy and intuitive ways while, at the same time, engaging each other with their ideas and opinions,” says RADII’s founder, Brian A. Wong. “Ultimately, RADII is not just about the stories we share, but also how it impacts our readers and brings everyone closer together.”

With the launch of RADII’s new online home, we’re also rolling out fresh content categories — Pulse, Future, Discover, Feast, and Style, which better capture the essence of Chinese youth culture and are more in sync with the content we produce.

In our Pulse section, readers will be treated to the hottest stories from the realms of celebrity fandom, music, nightlife and club culture, film, and sports. Meanwhile, the Future section will intimately explore tech and digital life in China and beyond, ranging from blockchain development, NFTs, and various metaverse projects, to video games, cutting-edge gadgets, and social media trends.

Discover, Feast, and Style will respectively focus on travel and wellness, food and beverage, and the latest fashion and art news.

Please register your account on today to join the RADII community, gain access to exciting events and promos, and — most importantly — experience our latest content on an incredible breadth of topics.

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