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Jo Yoong-jae of Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno’ Joins Chinese Social Media

Fan-favorite character Jo Yoong-jae from ‘Single’s Inferno’ season two launched an account on the popular Chinese lifestyle platform Xiaohongshu on January 7

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10:04 AM HKT, Sat January 14, 2023 1 mins read

A South Korean version of Too Hot to Handle, Netflix’s hit reality TV show Single’s Inferno just wrapped up its second season on January 10. Since the first season launched in December 2021, the program has been massively popular globally.

Set on Saseungbong-do Island (aka ‘The Inferno’) in South Korea, the second season brings 12 attractive singles, six women and six men, to mingle and potentially start a relationship. Participants who match can escape the island and have a romantic night at the luxury Paradise City Hotel (aka ‘Paradise’).

Season two spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned!

Among the season two cast members of Single’s Inferno, Jo Yoong-jae is one of the most popular guys — establishing himself as a hit with other castmates and viewers. The 32-year-old finance manager admits he regularly does CrossFit and hikes and believes he is the strongest male contestant on the program.

During the show, he manages to escape the island for a night in Paradise with artist Choi Seo-eun, who was crowned Miss Korea in 2021.

The duo has become a fan-favorite couple on the show, and Jo has received much positive feedback from Chinese fans, who have praised his cute appearance and easygoing personality.

To better connect with his Chinese fans, Jo launched a Xiaohongshu account, China’s answer to Instagram, on January 7.

“Hi, this is Jo Yoong-jae from Single’s Inferno season two. Thanks for sending me messages on Instagram. To better communicate with you, I’ve started a Xiaohongshu account. Thank you very much!” said Jo in Chinese in the first video he posted on the platform.

Now with six posts on the site, he has garnered 7,253 followers and 14,000 likes and saves. (Paltry numbers for Chinese social media, but presumably, they’ll go up if he remains active on the platform.)

Many netizens seem to appreciate the Korean star speaking in Chinese and hope his partner Choi will also join Xiaohongshu.

“You two are the best couple across all the dating shows I’ve watched this quarter,” gushed one fan.

Another urged, “Please bring your girlfriend to the platform!”

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