Kris Wu, Yang Mi and Roy Wang Join Star-Studded Music Videos for Workers Battling Coronavirus

Around 100 celebrities send love to the frontlines of the coronavirus fight

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10:36 PM HKT, Sun February 2, 2020

As devastating reports continue to pour out of Wuhan and Hubei, Chinese streaming network iQIYI has gathered together a whole host of big names for a set of special music videos aimed at reminding those on the frontlines of the novel coronavirus fight that they’re not alone. Entitled “Let the World Be Full of Love,” the music videos feature a wide array of celebrities including Kris Wu, Yang Mi, Feng Xiaogang, Ella Chen (of SHE), Xiao Zhan and TFBoy Roy Wang.

The videos are a mix of messages of support to hospital staff and other workers who are currently in Wuhan and an updated version of a song originally recorded in 1986 for charitable causes in China.

If you’d prefer something a little edgier music-wise, you can take our dedicated Wuhan playlist for a spin. But the videos are an important reminder of the bravery and sacrifice of ordinary people with the stars drawing attention to those working to save others from the virus amid a climate of confusion and fear.

Lyrics include the lines:

Tightly holding your hand
This warmth can never change
We share joy

We share suffering


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