New Trailer Drops For ‘Way of the Warrior’ Ahead of World Premiere

With mere days to go until the global premiere of ‘Way of the Warrior,’ the official trailers are an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the documentary’s stars

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Sammi Sowerby RADII Tatler
11:35 PM HKT, Mon April 11, 2022 1 mins read

Like what you saw in the first trailer for Way of the Warrior, RADII STUDIOS’ two-part documentary on China’s robust MMA scene? Then get a load of the second trailer:

With mere days to go until the worldwide premiere of Way of the Warrior on April 13, the official teasers are a great way to get familiarized with some recurring faces in the film: Song Yadong (宋亚东), Shi Ming (石铭), and Qiu Lun (求伦) — three rising Chinese MMA talents who should be on every UFC fan’s radar.

“China has a long martial arts tradition, but it’s new to mixed martial arts,” comments Director Billy Starman, whose Homework Productions coproduced the documentary alongside Executive Producer Brian Wong and RADII STUDIOS. “In making this documentary, I hope people can see the big potential of MMA in China and can celebrate the great value of sportsmanship.”

Song Yadong

Song Yadong training

From China’s rural countryside to the nation’s pulsing metropolises to the great US of A, Way of the Warrior takes viewers on a journey to unpack the experiences, triumphs, and gut-punch setbacks of Chinese MMA fighters.

So, RADII reader: Save the date for the first installment of Way of the Warrior as it drops on YouTube and on April 13. Part two will go online on April 27.

Prefer to watch both parts in one go and before they formally drop? No problem: Consider this your official invitation to the live, online premiere on April 13. In addition to a virtual screening of parts one and two, the event will include a panel discussion with a few of the filmmakers and fighters as well as UFC Senior Vice President Kevin Chang. Click here to register for your free pass.

Hungry to discover more human stories from the MMA scene in China? Have a look at our ongoing Way of the Warrior series.

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