Photo of the day: Never Forget the Chizza

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2:36 AM HKT, Sat January 27, 2018

Ditch the dollar menu and grab your renminbi. Our photo theme this week is China Menu: outside-the-box fast food options you won’t get at your local spot.

Given this week’s theme, we’d be remiss in not reminding you all of the existence of KFC China’s fried-chicken-base pizza, the Chizza. Erstwhile Radii correspondent Megan Pan reviewed this gastronomic marvel upon its arrival last June:

According to a press release, Chizza is “breaking the dimensional walls of fried chicken and pizza” and “recombining the genes of food.” While very much unlike your typical fried chicken or pizza, I am sad to report that the Chizza looked remarkably like a piece of day-old chicken violently splattered with fresh vomit, the kind where your lunch hasn’t totally been digested and is only half-souped-up with stomach acids and liquid breakfast. Maybe KFC should’ve changed its tagline from “Chizza, here to overthrow” to “Chizza, here to make you throw up” (though it wouldn’t work in the original Chinese).

Despite its repugnant exterior, Pan ultimately deemed the Chizza “better than it looked.”

Not sure if this thing still haunts KFC’s menu, but in any case it will live forever in infamy for spawning probably the best acting gig that boy band superstar Lu Han has ever landed, in which he usurps the rank of KFC colonel for inventing the Chizza:

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