RADII and Goldthread are Joining Forces

RADII teams up with Goldthread, pioneering a new era of Asian-focused digital media

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5:13 PM HKT, Thu October 26, 2023

RADII has always been dedicated to shining a light on emerging Asian culture. Now, we’re excited to announce an exclusive licensing agreement to operate Goldthread, previously launched by the South China Morning Post.

“The strategic alliance between RADII and Goldthread creates a unified vision to illuminate the vibrant diversity and dynamism of Asian youth culture,” said Brian A. Wong, Founder and Chairman of RADII. “This collaboration is set to redefine how the world perceives, understands, and connects with contemporary Asian culture.”

Established in 2017, RADII has emerged as an award-winning digital media pioneer, spotlighting vibrant narratives in China and Asia that are often overlooked by mainstream media. Rooted in a belief that the commonalities between people are greater than the differences, RADII’s editorial coverage keeps a finger on the pulse of emerging trends across Asian and Asian diaspora culture, entertainment, and society.

Goldthread was launched in June 2018 with a mission to deepen the world’s understanding of Asia through a rich tapestry of food, travel, and cultural stories. Its compelling video content uncovers both timeless traditions and the intricacies of modern life across the continent.

This partnership unlocks exciting possibilities, marking a new chapter of innovative storytelling and impact-driven content, both for audiences and brand partners.

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