Celebrated Wuhan Punks SMZB Return with New Single

The music video for the new track combines scenes of desert and grassland with black and white silent film visual references

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8:39 PM HKT, Fri July 3, 2020 1 mins read

Formative Wuhan punk band SMZB are back with a new single, “满江红” or Man Jianghong, accompanied by a gorgeous music video directed by the band’s frontman, Wu Wei.

The video shows scenes of China’s deserts and grasslands in black and white, with a distinct vignette reminiscent of old silent films and American Westerns.

It’s one of a number of historical references that can be found, with the song’s title, “Man Jianghong” a reference to a set of Chinese lyric poems that some believe date back to the Song Dynasty, though that assertion has been disputed.

Speaking about the music video, Wu Wei said: “The lonely horse is waiting and looking. Until it meets the ninja who walks alone on the earth, the owner he was looking for and finally met, and together they go to complete a sacred mission or stay away from the world, and stay with each other […] the same feeling with which I wrote this song.”

The Wuhan group are gearing up for an album release later this year, although a date for that has not yet been set. The album will be called 东方往事 (which loosely translates to Eastern Past or Oriental Past).

SMZB are well-regarded as being forefathers of Chinese punk music, helping to establish a thriving music scene in Wuhan, Hubei province. Wuhan was the site of the Covid-19 outbreak last year, with the city put under lockdown from January 23 until April 8 of 2020.


“Man Jianghong” is the latest in a number of excellent releases from Wuhan and Hubei province groups over the past few months, alongside the likes of Hardcore Raver in Tears’ tribute EP to Wuhan and instrumental rock band, Hualun.

SMZB’s release comes courtesy of storied Beijing rock label Maybe Mars, which is gearing up for a busy few months ahead. Releases for post-punk band Muzzy Mum, Kunming-based punk group Plastic and the latest album from Chengdu rockers Hiperson are all in the works.


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