Texan Trio Khruangbin Feature “the Happiest Lady in China” in New Music Video

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5:30 PM HKT, Mon April 30, 2018

Here’s a little something to brighten your Monday morning. A recent music video from Houston-based band Khruangbin features dancing ayi (阿姨 auntie) Han Li taking the camera on a tour around a few former French Concession streets in Shanghai’s Xuhui district, imaginary hula hooping all the way.

The video is for the single “Evan Finds the Third Room”, and according to a brief quote on YouTube from the video’s director Josh King, “We found the happiest lady in China. We told her that you don’t need a real hula hoop to have fun. She agreed.”


And while we’re on the subject of foreign acts making music videos in Shanghai, here are a couple of other recent ones. First up, Danish singer Lydmor, who lived in Shanghai for six months while writing her forthcoming album, much of which is dedicated to the city:

And then here’s Linkin Park co-founder Mike Shinoda rapping beside the Huangpu river, wandering around People’s Park, and, err, is that him hanging out in the lift lobby of the Wanda Hotel?

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