This 13-year-old’s Rubik’s Cube Juggling is Making Him a Star

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1:47 AM HKT, Fri April 6, 2018

Que Jianyu, from Fujian province, is the kind of kid who makes you wonder what you did with your early years. At the age of 13, he’s already broken half a dozen Guinness World Records and has appeared on a number of primetime TV programmes in China, including Hunan TV’s aptly-titled Amazing Kids.

Most recently, he’s been back on people’s social media feeds thanks to his appearance on the tenth season of dubiously-named Zhejiang TV show iDream of China. It’s a pretty standard talent contest format where adults and kids with pushy parents show off various “skills” and answer questions from a cheesy presenter about their “China dream” while the director cuts to footage of audience members looking emotional.

Anyway, Que’s appearance has gone viral after he attempted to juggle and complete three Rubik’s Cubes all at the same time. You can watch whether he’s successful or not via the QQ video below – if you want to skip the backstory and just cut to the good stuff, the juggling starts around 7 minutes 30 seconds in:

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