TFBoys Reunion Breaks Internet, Reveals Ticket-Selling Failures

Multiple hashtags emerged in rapid succession, spurring on conversations around the failure of ticket-vending platforms

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5:48 PM HKT, Fri July 28, 2023 1 mins read

As the much-anticipated TFBoys 10-year reunion draws near, devoted fans are voicing their frustration over the ticket-buying process.

On July 24, “TFBoys concert tickets on sale” trended on Weibo, with over 4 million fans eagerly waiting for the release on ticketing platforms. However, the harsh reality was that only around 3,300 tickets were available, translating to a mere 0.008% chance of success – almost as selective as the civil service exam.

The hashtag “4 million people trying to get tickets” quickly gained traction, reflecting collective disappointment and anger that’s been growing around ticket-vending platforms in general.

Longtime TFBoys fans will remember the group’s original, squeaky-clean image

Despite official efforts to mitigate ticket shortages, the outcome was still discouraging. Waves of fansite administrators, die-hard fans, and even scalpers reported their failure to obtain a ticket. Consequently, “TFBOYS fansite admin annihilation” took the top spot on Weibo’s trending list, as fans wondered who would capture moments of the beloved TFBoys, if fan community leaders were unable to enter the arena.

“Even the fansite admin doesn’t have a ticket,” reads one popular post. “The problem is, who’s going to take pictures if fansite admins can’t even get in…”

“Ten years of fans’ love can’t even earn the chance to buy a ticket,” another heartbroken fan posted.

Hoping for a better chance at a ticket, some fans turned to scalpers. For grandstand tickets with a face value of 580 or 800 RMB, add an extra 4,000 — and for tickets that cost 2,000 RMB, add an extra 7,000.

This scarcity of concert tickets has become a recurring issue in recent times, with Jay Chou’s concert in Tianjin experiencing a similar problem just last week. Fans expressed frustration and disappointment with domestic ticketing platforms such as Maoyan and Daimai, and with time slots that intensify competition among tens of thousands of eager fans. The process has raised concerns about the efficacy of ticket-vending platforms, and their ability to accommodate the overwhelming demand.

“The two platforms [Maoyan and Damai] divided up their tickets into eight time slots, forcing us to buy tickets in competition with millions of people each time...the lives of fans are still lives,” one Jay Chou fan complained.

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