Twitter Bits: Trump Rolls Through Beijing

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12:19 AM HKT, Thu November 9, 2017

Today is November 8, a date that will henceforth be remembered as either Victory Day or One of the Worst Hangovers of My Adult Life, depending where on the political spectrum you fall. Trump himself just landed in Beijing, and will presumably be celebrating later over drinks with his good friend President Xi:

The US President’s motorcade was just moments ago spotted rolling through central Beijing, clogging inner-city arteries like so many Trump steaks. Filmmaker Gabriel Clermont just caught the entourage in movement:

Sports writer Mark Dreyer found an analogy appropriate to his beat:

And the always on-point Relevant Organs parody account was quick with a take of their own:

Pro tip: if you’re in Beijing, stay outside the 2nd ring road for the next 48 hours or so.

Cover photo: SCMP

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