Ivanka Trump Tweets “Chinese Proverb”, Confuses Chinese Netizens

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6:44 PM HKT, Tue June 12, 2018 1 mins read

With the eyes of the world on Singapore this week, Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to quote some ancient Chinese wisdom in support of her father:

Lovely. Slight problem though: no one in China seems to know which proverb she’s referring to.

Ivanka is actually fairly popular in China, thanks to her perceived businesswoman savvy and having a kid who is wheeled out to sing in Mandarin when the occasion demands. Naturally, her tweeting out a “Chinese proverb” has garnered plenty of attention in the country and #Ivanka Chinese Proverb# has attracted hundreds of thousands of views on Sina Weibo in the past 24 hours.

That’s not a “we totally get you’re saying” emoji

Chinese netizens have been offering up both genuine attempts at re-translation and, naturally, plenty of joke responses. One thing seems to be uniting them all however: a pervading sense of WTF?

Some of the top-rated comments on Weibo so far include user Haierkate, attempting to pass off some modern-day internet slang as ancient wisdom:

U can u up,no can no BB。”[doge]

and Fafeng de Huli looking to history and a famed Chinese writer and thinker for inspiration:

‘You can’t just say that something is a Chinese proverb simply because it sounds a bit Chinese’ – Lu Xun

Thankfully, back on Twitter, so often a sanctuary of positive energy and impeccable manners, everyone has responded politely and without mocking Ms Trump in the slightest. A couple of choice examples:

And then there’s this take from Michael Li:

Usually around this time of year, netizens in China are poring over questions from the gaokao college entrance exams, but it seems Ivanka’s tweet might be even more of a head scratcher right now.

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