yeti out body glove capsule collection

Yeti Out and Body Glove Drop Electric Capsule Collection

Designed for the quintessential ‘post-Millennial drifter,’ the retro sportswear items are a perfect balance of functionality and style

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1:07 PM HKT, Tue September 27, 2022

Nostalgia for 1990s surf culture meets the digital world in a new capsule collection released by creative collective Yeti Out and activewear brand Body Glove on September 20.

Titled Rezgo, the capsule collection features three items of apparel — a graphic tee, a utility vest, and a sports cap — emblazoned with Body Glove’s classic hand-shaped logo and priced between 55 and 125 USD.

Designed for the quintessential ‘post-Millennial drifter,’ the retro sportswear items are trendy because of their functionality; their reflective materials and cool graphics make them suitable for both day and night, the beach or the club.

Yeti Out’s collab with Body Glove is a stellar example of athleisure (a portmanteau for ‘athletic’ and ‘leisure’) apparel, which has found increased popularity in recent years.

yeti out body glove collaboration rezgo jeff xdd

Jeff XDD models for the Rezgo campaign

Since its founding in 2010, Shanghai- and Hong Kong-based music collective Yeti Out has resisted definition. Part apparel imprint and part music label, the trendsetting collective often works with celebrated influencers. Most recently, model Milo Chen and DJ Jeff XDD appear in Rezgo’s promotional lookbook.

rezgo yeti out body glove capsule collection collaboration

A snapshot from the Rezgo lookbook

Yeti Out’s goal has always been to elevate Asian creatives and bridge East and West. Thus far, the collective has thrown parties for the likes of Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh, collaborated with Coach and Nike, and started a music label called Silk Road Sounds.

All images via Yeti Out

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