You Can Now Rent Mid-Taxi Massages for Ten Cents a Minute

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Aug 27, 2018

You wake up, hungover, thirty minutes late to work. Your phone’s at 5% battery, so you plug it into your shared power bank. In your death-like state, you don’t have the energy to make your usual shared bicycle commute to your shared office — you decide to call a shared car. But the newest incarnation of sharing is coming to ease your throbbing, dehydrated bones: in-ride shared massage pads, now available for less than ten cents a minute.

Ingenious. This state-of-the-art addition to the now wildly colorful shared economy comes from massage and health product manufacturer 9 O’Clock Break. Once you’re in the car, the massage pad will address you verbally, announcing an incoming one-minute free trial massage. It features inflating airbags, a charging port for your phone, and massage rollers for neck, back, waist, and buttocks. After your minute is over, you have the option to scan a QR code for further kneading. And at the price of 3 RMB (about 50 cents) for five minutes, you just might choose to make that purchase.

A pilot batch of eighty massage pads has been rolled out for testing in shared cars throughout the northern city of Shijiazhuang. 9 O’Clock Break intends to eventually blanket the city’s cars in their unique mobile massage units, and man, we are definitely rooting for them.

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