Daniel Wu Announces the Launch of New Design Lab at Shanghai International Film Festival

With ZUHAUS, Wu seeks to connect domestic and international brands

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6:26 PM HKT, Mon June 24, 2024

On June 19th, film star Daniel Wu introduced the launch of a new brand innovation design lab, “ZUHAUS,” on Instagram and Weibo. This came shortly after his 48 hour stay in Shanghai for the Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) — the largest film festival in Asia. Daniel referred to the launch as “a new endeavor” that traces back to his “design roots.” Wu has a longstanding interest in design, and holds a degree in architecture from the University of Oregon.

Daniel Wu

Image via Instagram.

The launch was announced at the festival after bringing together “some old friends.” The Chinese American actor, director, and producer shared that the goal of ZUHAUS is to facilitate collaborations between domestic and international brands to come up with new brand concepts and product designs. ZUHAUS is already working with Baud Audio, a Swedish headphone maker, as part of its first international collaboration. With ZUHAUS, Wu is looking forward to more exciting cross-cultural collaborations.

For more on Daniel Wu and his other projects, including sci-fi graphic novel Evermind, check out RADII’s interview with him from last fall.

Banner image via Daniel Wu on Instagram.

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