NFT Art Exhibition Is First Ever to Celebrate Asian-American Artists

Can’t afford big crypto bucks to splash on NFT art? No problem. This exhibition exists solely for your viewing pleasure

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11:38 PM HKT, Mon May 9, 2022 1 mins read

Titled The Gold Standard, this new exhibition by NFT art marketplace SuperRare was launched in conjunction with AAPI Heritage Month.

You have until the end of May 2022 to browse The Gold Standard, which shines the spotlight on 10 Asian American artists from diverse backgrounds while showcasing “the key role of Asian Americans on the blockchain.”

According to curator Drue Kataoka, the exhibition’s title is “a reference to Asian skin, but also to excellence, and of course, to the roots of cryptocurrencies.”

He added:

“Asian American artists have been the backbone of digital creativity for decades: From pushing visual technology to its limits in Hollywood special effects, to building virtual worlds for top gaming experiences, to advancing the frontier of technology art.”

The diverse NFT artworks range from a photo of rush hour in Taiwan by photographer Billy Dinh to futuristic 3D art by multidisciplinary filmmaker Curry Sicong Tian.

Fret not if you aren’t well-versed in crypto culture or can’t afford big crypto bucks to splash on NFT art — the complimentary exhibition exists solely for your viewing pleasure.

Prefer browsing in-person art exhibitions? Then take note of Metavision, located at the K11 Musea. It is Hong Kong’s most diverse NFT exhibition to date and houses some of the biggest names in NFT art under one roof.

And given the growing buzz around NFT art and cryptocurrencies, keep checking RADII for news of more exhibitions like those mentioned above.

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